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ON-LINE: Our implementation wizard will walk you through the process of signing up your company online. You will need the following information for a successful implementation:
  • Your Company's Federal Tax ID Number
  • Your Company's State Unemployment Account Number
  • Your Company's Financial Institution's Information
  • Your Employee's Demographic and Pay Information
These items are optional, but will enhance your experience.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Policy
  • Your company's department names and codes.
  • Your company's job titles and codes.

FAX: To implement your company via fax:
  • Download* our Payroll Service Implementation Forms
    * You will need to have Adobe's AcrobatReader® installed in other to view and print these. To get AcrobatReader, click here.Get AcrobatReader
  • Complete pages 1 and 2, using your company's information.
  • Make copies of pages 3 and 4, as needed. These are the employee forms.
  • Fax all forms to (772)872-7284

IN-PERSON: Call us to schedule an appointment. One of our representatives will visit you at your place of business when it is most convenient to you.

Phone: (800)742-8220
PHONE: Simply call us, and we will take the necessary information over the phone.

Phone: (800)742-8220

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