Payroll Made Easy

Since 2003, Basic Business Solutions has been providing payroll services to its clients throughout Florida. Our Payroll Solution includes:

  • Calculating your payroll.
  • Generating your employees' weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly paychecks.
  • Automated payroll processing for those employees who work on a pre-scheduled basis -- eliminates the need to report time worked.
  • Sending your payroll checks to your company.
  • Submitting your employees' direct deposits to the bank of their choice.
  • Processing your business' monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.
  • Preparing and filing your payroll taxes--always accurately and on time.
  • Printing your employees W2 Forms at the end of each year.
  • Handling all your payroll recordkeeping.
  • A Professional, Intuitive, and Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Government Reporting Compliance, Without Added Cost
  • An Environmentally-Friendly Paperless Design!
  • No Annual Contracts!
Number of Employees Per Payroll:
Select Payroll Frequency:
Your Payroll Processing Cost Per Pay-Period:
Your Payroll Processing Cost - Monthly Cost:
Your Payroll Processing Cost - Annual Cost:

Payroll Calculation checked checked
Checks/Pay Stubs Printing checked checked
Company Logo/Signature on Checks checked $$$
Checks/Pay Stubs Delivery checked checked
Direct Deposit Processing checked $$$
401(k)/403(b) Contribution/Match Calculation checked $$$
Automatic Payroll (eliminates time reporting) checked NO
Monthly/Semi-Weekly Tax Deposits checked checked
Quarterly FUTA Report/Deposits checked $$$
Quarterly FIT Reports (Form 941) checked $$$
Quarterly SUTA Reports checked $$$
Annual FUTA Report (Form 940) checked $$$
W-2 Forms Printing/Delivery checked $$$
Annual W-3/W-2 Forms Report checked $$$
Benefits Invoice Reconciliation checked NO
Company / Employer Reports checked $$$
Web Time Clock w/Advanced Editing checked $$$
White Labeling Your Online Payroll Site checked NO
USPS Priority Mail Delivery $6.95 $5-$50
New Hire / Record Processing $2.50 $1-$30
One-Time Set Up Fee $19.95 $50+

We WILL REDUCE Your Payroll Processing Cost.

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